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Cap'n Proto 0.7 Released

kentonv on 28 Aug 2018

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Today we’re releasing Cap’n Proto 0.7.

As used in Cloudflare Workers

The biggest high-level development in Cap’n Proto since the last release is its use in the implementation of Cloudflare Workers (of which I am the tech lead).

Cloudflare operates a global network of 152 datacenters and growing, and Cloudflare Workers allows you to deploy “serveless” JavaScript to all of those locations in under 30 seconds. Your code is written against the W3C standard Service Workers API and handles HTTP traffic for your web site.

The Cloudflare Workers runtime implementation is written in C++, leveraging the V8 JavaScript engine and libKJ, the C++ toolkit library distributed with Cap’n Proto.

Cloudflare Workers are all about handling HTTP traffic, and the runtime uses KJ’s HTTP library to do it. This means the KJ HTTP library is now battle-tested in production. Every package downloaded from npm, for example, passes through KJ’s HTTP client and server libraries on the way (since npm uses Workers).

The Workers runtime makes heavy use of KJ, but so far only makes light use of Cap’n Proto serialization. Cap’n Proto is used as a format for distributing configuration as well as (ironically) to handle JSON. We anticipate, however, making deeper use of Cap’n Proto in the future, including RPC.

What else is new?

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