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Road Map

Here’s what’s (hopefully) in store for future versions of Cap’n Proto! Of course, everything here is subject to change.

Near-ish future

Provisionally, these are probably the things that will be worked on in the next few releases of Cap’n Proto and its C++ reference implementation.

Before version 1.0

These things absolutely must happen before any 1.0 release. Note that it’s not yet decided when a 1.0 release would happen nor how many 0.x releases might precede it.

Wish List

These are features we’d like to implement some day but haven’t decided yet how to prioritize. Some of these features could make their way into Cap’n Proto before version 1.0. Others will certainly come after. If you have opinions on what you’d like to see next, tell us!

Language Features

C++ API Features




Note: These are very large projects.